Active Hobby Driveshafts for Sakura D3

Active Hobby has released a set of pulley driveshafts for use with the 3 Racing Sakura D3 CS chassis. The new design had D shaped sections to secure grub style center pulleys. The holes also allow for pin style center pulleys as well. The aluminum end stoppers will securely fasten the driveshaft in place. The stopper also allow for ease of maintenance when changing pulleys or belts. Now adjusting CS ratio just became easier. Announced for release at the end of June 2013, pre-order early to get yours.

Active Hobby Driveshafts for Sakura D3 CS

  • Part Number: STR-182
  • Active D-cut drive shafts
  • Allows use with conventional grub pulleys
  • Also compatible with pin style pulleys
  • Aluminum end stoppers
  • Easier maintenance
  • 2 drive shafts per package
  • Made for 3 Racing Sakura D3 CS Chassis

Approximate MSRP: ¥1400JPY

Source: Active Hobby