Active Hobby Front Motor Conversion

Update on the Active Hobby Front Motor Conversion prototype. Good results from testing with several Active drivers. Another step closer to scale RC Drifting, especially with the quest for the FR layout. May be available sooner than you think.

Testing has been very good for RC Drift counter-steer applications. Even with removal of front gear differential, RWD is difficult but not impossible. Overall testing has been very good. The prototype has been praised by everyone with the exception of the steering angle. Current spur gear and front damper positions will limit steering angle. That seems to be the only issue with it, this may go into production faster than expected.

Here are some close-ups of the current running prototype.

December 19, 2011
The new higher resolution images released from Active Hobby reveals that similarities to many Tamiya cars. The front differential appears to be a gear differential, similar to the FF03 or TA06. The front motor mount is also similar to the TA06 or FF03. The steering assembly is reminiscent of the TA05 VDF setup with longer wiper arms. That is all that I noticed, if you think you can pin point out more of the details, please do not hesitate to comment in the disqus forum below this post!

December 08, 2011
The current conversion is targeted at Tamiya TA-06 and TA-05 owners. Designed for use with the use of Tamiya reversible suspension arms, TA-06 drive system and several additional parts. We suspect that any TA-05 styled chassis will be able to equip this conversion kit as well, but we will find out when they announce the final finished product. The current prototype is a front motor rear wheel drive (RWD) version that is used for testing. This is another product that will further evolve the front motor rear wheel drive market. This chassis will have the capability of 4WD or only RWD.

A feature that sets this front motor conversion apart would be the adjustable battery positioning. Now the battery can be placed in both horizontal or vertical set-ups. A very good feature to have which the user can determine which style suits them best. Boasting parallel steering geometry for ideal drifting performance. New aluminum steering wipers will have parallel setup and possibly adjustable ackerman angle. The rear suspension setup of the chassis also allows for greater adjustments, Active boasts improved high traction characteristics for better performance. They are also developing a Front One-way differential specially for this kit.
Source: Active Hobby