Active Hobby CF Shock Towers

*Update: New pictures* Active Hobby has announced new black carbon fiber shock towers for the popular Tamiya TB-03D and new TB-03 VDS chassis. The new shock towers; also known as damper stays, has been redesigned for more damper mounting positions. More holes were added to the shock towers for added suspension mounting options. This product has been designed by Active Hobby for RC countersteer drift applications, regardless of speed or surface.

The new shock towers will be 3.0mm thick black carbon fiber, for added strength and rigidity. The new shock towers will have more mounting holes on the outer edges and also a secondary row of mounting holes below. This will give the user an almost unlimited setting choices when optimizing suspension geometry. A new feature of these carbon fiber shock towers is the rear body mount position. Active has decided to restore the rear mounting position to factory Tamiya position, so no more reaming new holes into your existing bodies. This product will be available in August by Active Hobby.

Source: Active Hobby Japan

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