Active Hobby STR-096 Version 2 Conversion Kit

*Updated Specifications* Some new information has been leaked regarding Active Hobbys new conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package. Little is known about the actual conversion kit and contents but here is a sneak peek at what Active has in store to upgrade that Drift Package. Unlike the first conversion kit which used the existing Yokomo DP chassis and relocates the steering assembly to the motor end of the chassis. This new version 2 conversion kit will come with carbon fiber and plenty of blue aluminum goodies for the “bling bling” look and improved functionality. The motor relocation will improve its drifting characteristics. The carbon fiber will add much needed stiffness and weight reduction to the chassis. The most important feature is the Suzuki style steering cranks which add more steering angle and adjustable ackerman angle; which we all know is important to countersteer (CS) style drifting. Not much of the details is known about this chassis as of yet, but stay tuned for updates as we find out more! More pictures available in the full post.
Some Chassis Specifications directly from Active Hobby New Blog:
#Chassis constitution superior
in the drift control performance that a front mid ship mount brings.
#Upper deck unnecessary. equipped with carbon center breath.
secure F&R pitching rigidity and improve traction.
#2.5mm thickness carbon maine chassis which realized
roll properties with a few habits that test & error determined.
#Carbon quick battery holder supprt to corner type lipobattery.
#Parallel geometry that brought ackerman of right and left close
to 0 to steering wiper arm set.
#Change of roll properties possible by removing a carbon front deck.
#Aluminum motor mount which chilling effect high, and can easily to
exchange of the spar gear and the adjustment of the backlash.
#super low center of gravity designs.
#Rrelease plan to Silver carbon version & Black carbon version.
Source: Active Hobby

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