Active Hobby Suspension Linkage for Yokomo Drift Package

Active Hobby Japan has announced an upcoming release for the Yokomo Drift Package. The new left and right suspension linkage system significantly improves traction by utilizing dynamic camber characteristics. The camber will change depending on chassis roll and load. Various positioning on the stiffener arms will allow for different degrees of camber change and traction. The new suspension linkages are for the rear of the chassis only. These are machined from high quality aluminum and made to fit Drift Package chassis’. The kit includes aluminum rear suspension arms as well with more options for damper positions. More information after the jump!

Active Hobby Suspension Linkage for Yokomo Drift Package

  • Part Numbers: STR145DB (Dark Blue), STR145R (Red), STR145S (Silver)
  • Improved traction capabilities
  • Dynamic camber angle
  • Compatible for drifting and racing
  • For countersteer CS modified and 50/50 drifting
  • Chassis becomes easy to drive
  • Compatible for Yokomo Drift package
  • Aluminum parts with carbon stiffeners
  • The kit includes aluminum suspension arms as well
  • Available Late October 2012

Approximate MSRP: ¥9500JPY

Source: Active Hobby

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