Active Hobby Universal Driveshafts for Tamiya TA05/TA06

Active Hobby has released a set of universal driveshafts for the TA05/TA06. If you are tired of watching your TA chatter on full lock these will help to alleviate chattering. They are available in 2 sizes, 42mm and 45.5mm and will have a MSRP of 3600¥. These are an ideal upgrade for replacing those stock dog-bones. They are made to last, and will be available in the next few days/weeks these drive shafts are made from steel alloys for high durability and light weight.

This option part would be most ideal for anyone that has upgraded their base TA-05 or TA-06 to a front motor conversion with countersteer modifications. Given that you have changed the steering assembly and increased your steering angle, these shafts would enhance the capability of a Tamiya TA-05/06.


  • CVD Drive shaft capable of more than 50 degrees drift steering angle
  • Larger diameter axle cup reinforced for better steering angle and durability
  • Made from high durability and lightweight steel

Spare Parts

  • AC419-1 Axle shaft – AC419-1 DC axle shaft (2 Spare parts for AC419, 420) ¥1400JPY
  • AC419-2 Dog Bone – AC419-2 DC dog bone 45.5mm ¥1500JPY
  • AC419-3 DC coupler middle joint (two spare parts for AC419, 420) ¥800JPY
  • AC419-4 DC cross-sets (2 each duty spare parts for AC419, 420) ¥700JPY
  • AC419-5 DC stopper rings (4 spare parts for AC419, 420) ¥300JPY

**Prices are approximate, check with your retailer for most accurate price***

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