APlastics Toyota JZX90 Body Review

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Great masks
Sunroof is a nice touch!” negatives=”Not officially licensed
Door handle decals are not correct on one side”]
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This body is of the 7th generation MARK II body, and comes with lexan light buckets and accessories. The JZX90 is a sought after ride in the drift world, now you can recreate this classic body for yourself. The body is already available, and the body replicates the real 1:1 car really well.
MSRP is set at around $40 USD, and comes complete with masking, decals, lexan buckets, roof spoiler, grille.
APlastics Toyota MARK II JZX90 Body Review - DriftMission

Overall Quality

The APlastics Toyota JZX90 Mark II body shell is made of clear polycarbonate/lexan. The quality of the body is also better than average, the lexan feels strong similar to a Tamiya or HPI Racing body in quality. The kit includes lexan light buckets, roof spoiler, duckwing spoiler, grille, masking sheet and decals. All of the styling cues from the Toyota MARK II JZX90 was represented on the body, from the raised bonnet lines, front bumper, sunroof, door handles etc… The overall quality and detailing on the body was quite good, however there is one area with some very small bubbles in the lexan (so small I can’t get a good picture). That said the 3D front grille, sunroof, and roof spoiler really make the car stand out.

Product Review

Masking was included with the body for pretty well everything needed. Although masking was not included for the front intake vents, but decals are included for the intercooler and details. The paint used for this body is Faskolor Pearl Gold airbursh. The paint had no problems sticking to the lexan, and the masking held up very well with very minor bleeding (not uncommon from other bodies I have sprayed). After running this RC body a number of cycles, it has held up remarkably well. The body has great detailing that rivals that of Tamiya or HPI Racing, the overall attention to detail is well done however it is not officially licensed by Toyota.
My only real complaint with the APlastics JZX90 body is that the door handle decals were not reversed and you are stuck with making a decision of having one side correct and the other side upside down or whack.
DriftMission APlastics Toyota JZX90 RC Drift Body (11)

Overall Value

The body retails directly from APlastics for around $40 USD. The price fits right in with others on the market that are licensed, and given all the extras included it’s a good buy. The only accessories that APlastics doesn’t include is the wipers, mirrors, and exhaust. We only wish that it was officially licensed so APlastics could include the real Toyota badging.


As this was the first body we have seen from APlastics, we were impressed with the quality, accessories, and strength of the body. As mentioned above if you can look past the licensing and door handle issues this may be the body for you. We won’t hesitate to purchase a APlastics body in the future as they continue to make the plastic products RC Drifters want!

The APlastics Toyota MARK II JZX90 is a very good representation of what they are capable of and we hope to see more great options from APlastics in the future.

Here is a short video of the APlastics Toyota MARK II JZX90 in action!