DIY RC Car Rust

This Do It Yourself post is for anyone looking to recreate scale rust for your 1/10 Scale RC Car Body. This video will show you how to make your own rust bucket! Step by step on how to get authentic rust on your RC car from RcMcRae @RcNiagara DriftClub & VandalSquadDriftKrew! Source: RCNiagara DriftClub

Usukani Aluminum Fan Cover

Usukani is new to the scene and have some amazing innovative products coming soon for RC Drifters everywhere! These are the Usukani Aluminum Fan Covers that are not simply just to protect the fan and your fingers, and will bling out your ride in eight different color choices. They are available in 2 sizes 25mm…

DIY RC Car Fiber Optic Lighting

Have you been looking to add the scale LED strip lighting to your latest RC Drift body? We have seen some attempts in the past to create these types of lights, but never anything this easy. Thanks to Troy Goldberg you can create your own fiber optic lighting to your body! Source: Troy Goldberg

M.A.D 1/10 Custom RC Drift Parts

New players on the scene, M.A.D 1/10 – Massive Angle Dynamics have recently released some RWD focussed 3D printed options for the Yokomo Drift Package and MST RC Drift chassis. Currently they have option parts for those that have converted the Drift Package to RWD/2WD RC Drifting, along with some fantastic looking battery trays! If…

MST Realistic RC Touring Car Tires

Max Speed Technology has been making RC Drift tires since they started. They have decided to add a new rubber tire to the collection of MST RC Touring Car/Rally Car Tires, the MST Realistic Rubber Tires. These tires are very similar to the HPI Racing T-Drift style RC Drift Tires that have realistic looking treads…