Burnout Demon RC Drift Smoke Generator Review

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This is by far the best RC Drift Smoke Machine we have seen! Read the full review below


  • Excellent amount of smoke
  • High quality aluminum
  • High degree of adjustment


  • The unit tends to pick up dirt
  • Can only run outdoors



The Burnout Demon produces so much smoke that you can see it billowing from the wheel arches even in full sunlight.

Take total control with the Burnout Demon Smoke Control Unit (SCU). It lets you set the Smoke ON/OFF position at any point in your throttle operation to give you total control. Easy to mount and very light weight at 77 grams. It also works well and will not upset the balance of RWD Drift cars.
The Burnout Demon is compact @ 26H x 26W x 80L mm. This fits easily on any chassis sitting neatly under the body shell. Operating voltage of 7.2 to 8.4 volts so any 7.2V NIMH/NiCad or 2S Lipo Battery provides fantastic Smoke Production. The Burnout Demon is available in three colours to match your chassis: Oriental Red, High Gold & Vivid Blue. The kit can be customized withwith a Plug and Play Adapter to suit the power plugs of your choice (i.e. Deans, Tamiya, Bullet, XT60 connectors) or naked so you can solder your own power leads.
1 x Burnout Demon Smoke Generator (Three Colours – Oriental Red, Vivid Blue, High Gold)
1 x SCU (Fully adjustable Smoke Control Unit)
1 x (Option) Connection adaptor to suit XT60 / Deans / 7.2V Tamiya /4mm Bullet Connector
1 x Male to Male Receiver Lead to suit (JR / Hitec / Futaba/Orange/Turnigy)
1 x JST 20 AWG Silicone power lead 110mm (Option DIY Supplied)
1 x Centre Point Adjustment Screw Driver
1 x Burnout Demon Sticker Set
1 x Bottle RedX Smoker Fluid
1 x Filling 5ml Syringe
1 x 25mm x 5mm Heat Shrink (Option DIY Supplied)
2 x 200mm Cable ties
4 x 50mm Cable ties
1 x Full Installation Instruction
1 x Two Year Warranty

Overall Quality

After testing out many of the other smoke making units, we can say this is the highest quality unit we have used. RCSmokers has vast experience in RC smoke generation, they started with 1/14 scale RC tanks and now adapted their technology to RC drift cars. The Burnout Demon is made of high quality aluminum manufactured to precision, this unit is guaranteed with a 2 year warranty! If you encounter any issue with your Burnout Demon, you can rest assured it will be addressed by RCSmokers. Our testing unit is still operating after a dozen cycles without fail.

Overall Performance

The performance speaks for itself, as you can see from our video below there is no mistaking the smoke from the Burnout Demon. There is enough thick smoke that it slowly dissipates, similar to real tire smoke. The Smoke Control Unit (SCU) offers the ability to adjust the amount of smoke; whether you want it on full-time or only when you throttle on, it is completely up to you. The Burnout Demon truly does the RC Drift Smoke Show justice, the performance of this unit is worthy of the name Burnout Demon.

Overall Value

This unit is very reasonably priced given the 2 year warranty and guaranteed performance of this RC Smoke machine. The Burnout Demon retails for approximately $75 USD, which is comparable to other manufacturers. Overall the value of this product is very good. It is well priced and out performs any other smoke machines in the market today.


As you can see from the video evidence the Burnout Demon is like no other. RCSmokers has had experience in RC smoke generation and it really shows with their creation. This is the best performing smoke machine we have ever seen in the RC Drift community. The amount of thick smoke is outstanding even in windy conditions. We have just about run out of our first bottle of smoke oil and will be ordering more.

Click here to order one for yourself!


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