Yeah Racing RWD Conversion Kit for HPI Sprint 2

This is a Yeah Racing Aluminum RWD Kit for the HPI Sprint 2. This kit consists everything you need to upgrade your Sprint 2 to a performance RWD machine! Yeah Racing exquisitely use the premium quality of material coupled with precise CNC cutting to manufacture all the parts in the RWD kit….

Overdose XEX Carbon Chassis Upgrade Kit

Weld Overdose has created a conversion kit for the new XEX chassis lineup. The new upgrade kit includes a hybrid combination of carbon and aluminum upgrades to improve the plastic central XEX chassis segment. The double deck carbon chassis is integrated with structural aluminum to reinforce the central main frame…

Wrap-Up Next Nervis v2.0 Conversion Kit

Wrap-Up Next has announced the new Nervis v2.0 RWD conversion kit for the Yokomo DP chassis. This adopts the latest growing trend for a mid-rear motor configuration and raised motor for higher Center of Gravity (COG). This is the evolution of the Nervis chassis. This features a front center servo…

RC Mania Front Motor Conversion Kit
A Rajimani Shop have created a very unique front motor conversion modification kit. This conversion kit is created specifically for the TA-05 VDF based mid-ship chassis; kits such as the Eagle Racing GRT, Street Jam OTA-R (TA-05 Drift Conversion, SP Square, Silver II Edition) and of course the Tamiya... Read more
Overdose Carbon Chassis for Yokomo DRB
Weld Overdose has just released a silver carbon fiber chassis for the Yokomo DRB high end drift chassis. The new chassis features Overdose designs which stand out above all other aftermarket conversion kits. The new bottom chassis is now 2.4mm to improve flexibility and hardness. The new battery positioning... Read more
Fijon Models OTA/TEH-R31 Upgrade Kit
The TEH-R31 chassis seems to gaining popularity in recent weeks, if you are unaware the TEH-R31 is a clone of the high demand Street Jam OTA-R31 chassis. The TEH-R31 has yet another carbon fiber upgrade kit available for it, this time from a company called Fijon Models; which originates... Read more
Active Hobby STR-096 Version 2 Conversion Kit
*Updated Specifications* Some new information has been leaked regarding Active Hobbys new conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package. Little is known about the actual conversion kit and contents but here is a sneak peek at what Active has in store to upgrade that Drift Package. Unlike the first... Read more
Eagle Racing TB-03 Drift Conversion Kit
Eagle Racing Japan released a Drift conversion kit for the Tamiya Tb-03. Tamiya recently announced the TB-03 VDS; a shaft driven high end drift chassis based on the TB-03D. This conversion kit was released prior to the announcement of TB-03 VDS so it has no resemblence to the new... Read more
Eagle Racing TA-05 GRT Conversion Kit
Eagle Racing Japan released a Drift conversion kit for the Tamiya TA-05 Version II. Tamiya TA-05 has been a popular chassis in the drift community. The already popular drift specific Tamiya VDF chassis is based on the TA-05, so it is only natural for 3rd party companies to make... Read more
D-LIKE Re-R Conversion Kit
Ever wonder if you could convert a shaft driven car to a belt driven one? D-Like has released a conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package, dubbed the Weight Shift-MEISTER! This is a direct conversion for the Drift Package Type A or B without any extra parts. This mid-shp... Read more
TN-Racing C-max Conversion
TN-Racing (Japan) has announced a C-Max conversion for the Yokomo Drift Package. It is a Carbon conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package. This kit converts the traditional Drift Package layout to that of the Yokomo D-max. The conversion kit shifts the motor forward and is approximately 100g lighter... Read more