Hot Bodies Cyclone S “The Joker” by Murdock

Build Build Build! I HAVE grown very attached to the Cyclone S over the past couple Months, and have been secretly building; what I call “The Joker” build. I started with a stock Cyclone S that was missing some small parts and completely stock. The build will be using all the 3racing Aluminum Hop Up parts I could find. After approximately $200 later, I have a fully hopped up Cyclone S. I went for a Purple and Neon Green theme, hence why its called the Joker build.

The Parts

The Build
Stock Cyclone S

Starting to disassemble it

3Racing Steering Arms

3Racing Bulkhead and Motor Mount Installed

3Racing One-way Shaft and One-way Pulley (Includes 16T, 17T and 18T)

3Racing SSG Shock Towers Installed

3Racing SSG Center Brace Installed (Modification of the brace was necessary to fit 64P 110T spur gear)

Hot Bodies Cyclone S Bumper and Body Posts installed

Finished Chassis with 3Racing Dampers Installed

Thanks for checking it out.
by Murdock

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