TCFD this TCFD that… I have always driven Hot Bodies Chassis’ and about a year ago or more I started drifting a TCX. I have had many other chassis’ in between, and I’m currently running a Cyclone S CS. There was a lot of bad press when this chassis came out… It was late for release… The steering rack and angle inferior out of box… No major improvements from TC-D… I still love the purple!!!

The build was really fun. It took me several days as I found missing parts while build. Overall about 4 hour build time. The aluminum and CF quality is top notch. It came with a Pro-Spec ball diff! Here is a list of parts I was missing.

– Axles for the CVD
– Steering turn buckle
– Pinion gear
– Wheel nuts


Additional Option Parts and Carbon Fiber Parts!

The Build Starting with….
Bag A:

Bag B:

Bag C:

Bag D:

Bag E:

Bag F:

Bag G:

Bag H:

Steering Angle

Hot Bodies Aluminum Servo Mounts

Completed Chassis!

Thanks for viewing,

By Murdock

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