Spice Desire SRD-01 Chassis Build by Agent_13 of Team Slideways
Here’s a build thread for the Spice Desire SRD-01 chassis straight from japan:

The Box:

The Parts

Front Bulkhead

Motor Mounts

Rear Bulkhead

So far so good!

Rear Belt Tensioner

Front Diff Assembly

Front Diff with Main Shaft and gear Assembly and Front and rear belt. Pulleys did not need a set screw to hold it down.

Rear Diff (Spool) Assembly installed

Diff’s with Belts on


Steering Arm Assesmbly installed

Front upper arm installed with Rear upper deck

Lower Front and Rear arm installed

Damper installation

And waaaallllaaaaaaa there put together

Front damper and damper towers are installed with Upper Arm also and Steering rods too

Front and Rear Axle assembly installed

Front Bumper is also installed, now it’s looking like a chassis.

Alright that’s pretty much it just need to put on the Gram Lights and drift tires

The Review:

First off I want to say that this is the first real drift chassis I have ever put together. I think this chassis has a great future, despite being all plastic. Its not a counter steer chassis but in the manual they already have the CS pulley as an option part, so I’m just waiting for them to become available.

I followed the manual as best as I could and out of the box. This chassis has an aggressive camber setting but thanks to some forums friends, I did get it to a setting that I wanted it to be. I really like the counter-sink chassis, front mount motor for better weight distribution and the 2 rubber O-ring that holds the battery down. As you all know by now kit comes with Gram Lights wheels and drift tires.

Overall I think Spice did a great job on this chassis and I’m glad I got it. I’m just waiting for hop-up parts to come out and maybe do a countersteer setup. Well that’s all folks hope you guys liked it and if you guys have any questions, I’ll try hard to find an answers.



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