Driftmission.com presents the Tamiya TA-06 Chassis Build

Driftmission finally got our hands on a second-hand Tamiya TA-06 Pro chassis with a VBC Racing conversion kit. The TA-06 is Tamiya’s continuation of the very popular TA series 1:10 scale 4WD belt drive chassis. The most notable different from the TA-05/TA-05v2 is the newly redesigned IFS (internal front suspension) system; the dampers are now in-line with the chassis. Another major change is the motor position; it is now situated in the rear center position of the chassis, similar to Tamiya TA-04 chassis. This chassis is currently very popular in the RC Drift community in Japan, so we wanted to see what the hype was all about.
DriftMission Tamiya TA06 Build (49)

Contents of this build

  • Tamiya TA-06 Pro Kit
  • VBC Racing Conversion Kit
  • Aluminum option parts from Eagle Racing
  • Aluminum option parts from Weld Overdose
  • Countersteer parts from Tamiya
  • Countersteer belts from Tetsujin


Chassis preparations
As always, we treat the carbon fiber before building. It is important to smooth out all the edges and remove any imperfections from the carbon fiber. This will help reduce any burrs on the edges and ensure that there are no cracks or fractures in the chassis. We also ordered some Eagle Racing parts to further improve the chassis.

These are Eagle Racing Aluminum bulkheads and were included with the used chassis. Toe blocks were added to replace the plastic ones from the kit. The rear stiffeners were also added for better stiffness and rigidity of the motor and differential section of the chassis.

Overdose Parts
Our first real experience with Weld Overdose option parts, not including OD wheels. Thanks to Tetsujin for helping us obtain these parts! The quality of the machined parts are absolutely perfect, the packaging is also very professional. The instructions are in Japanese with some diagrams of how it should be assembled. Anyone with RC building experience should not have trouble with assembly, just be sure to take care and pay attention to the details. Price of OD parts are expensive, but well worth the cost.

Rear Differential
Tamiya has chosen to use a gear driven system for the rear drive system. The differential will be housed in a casing with several idler and transfer gears to effectively transfer power to the wheels. The Overdose Rear rigid solid axle is very impressive. The quality of materials is very high and looks to be very durable. The only concern we have about this is the drive cups, which are made POM material which will wear over time, especially where the driveshafts contacts the cups.

Motor Mount
Standard Tamiya TA-06 Pro motor mount attached to the differential casing.

Chassis Stiffener and Bulkhead Assembly
Eagle racing rear stiffeners couple with eagle racing rear bulkheads to complete assembly of the rear section.

Steering Linkage
This is the stock Tamiya TA-06 linkage, turnbuckle shafts were replaced with longer ones. This allows for better adjustments and mods to steering if necessary. Due to backorder of Overdose steering parts, it will be upgraded in the future with the Overdose steering option parts.

IFS Suspension
We chose to utilize the IFS suspension system with the Overdose IFS stiffeners. The OD IFS option part has been redesigned for better performance. The IFS angle has been changed and also moved forward slightly. The aluminum light weight option part also adds necessary stiffness to the chassis.

Pulley Holder and Spur Cover
The stock 18T pulley was replaced with a Tamiya 16T pulley in preparation for CS. Spur gear cover by Overdose, looks great and also functions to secure the spur gear from warping or major deflection.

Front and Rear Damper Supports
Rear damper stay is standard style carbon support and is included with the VBC racing kit. The front support is another Overdose option part. It allows for greater amount of settings and adjustment changes to the IFS damper position.

Front Differential
We chose to use a front one-way differential for this chassis with replacement of front pulley to 40T in preparation for countersteer.

Rear Suspension Arms and Dampers
Suspension arms are Tamiya reversible suspension system along with Tamiya TRF Dampers.

Front Suspension and Steering Components
Overdose caster hub (C-hub), steering knuckle and high angle drive-shafts were chosen for this build. Many may not know but Overdose has redesigned these components to better maximize the king ping inclination angle.

Overdose Steering Wipers Set
Tetsujin was able to help us source the back-ordered Overdose Steering Set for us so this was installed after the chassis was fully assembled. quite a few components have to come out to fit it in, but well worth it!

Team Tetsujin Belt
We replaced the center drive-train with 16T and 23T pulleys, so a new belt was necessary. The Tetsujin 459mm belt fit perfectly with a bit of room for tension adjustments. A 456mm belt would have fit as well. The front drive train was changed to 16T and 40T, but unfortunately we have not been able to find a belt that would fit nicely, right now it rides slightly loose.

Completed Chassis
Tamiya x Eagle Racing x Weld Overdose x VBC Racing TA-06 is complete. Currently set up at 1.66 CS Ratio.
DriftMission Tamiya TA06 Build (48)DriftMission Tamiya TA06 Build (49)