Yokomo MR4TC BD4 by Murdock

The ever so classic Yokomo BD platform. The touring car that changed the game. My rebuild started with a Yokomo BD4 that was stripped down, and missing the some parts. This chassis required a lot of parts sourcing and TLC (Tender Loving Care) to get it fully restored. Most BD and SD parts can be found in the US. Some SD parts seem to fit the BD as well. I got a lot of my parts from Driftspeed, eBay, and Banzai Hobbies. Getting this chassis going was mainly cleaning and replacing parts. Man that’s A LOT of Parts…. LOL

Here are some resources and my build
BD Exploded View
BD Gear Ratio Chart

Chassis before Re-Build

Battery are is for 6 cell nimh. The chassis will need spacers for the posts to fit Lipo

Mismatch turnbuckles…

Chassis has got some chips taken out and rust marks.

Rear bumper is needed to protect the broken off carbon piece area. The SD rear bumper should fit

Parts list for the Re-Build:
SD-414TA: Lightweight king pins
BD-1SSS-7: Pro Shocks BD
BD-64103: Spur gear 103T 64P
BD-003RB: Graphite rear brace
BD-501S5: Solid rear axle
D-046: Steel Drive Cup for SD solid axle but it will fit on BD-501S5
BD-671: Center one way
ZC-TB36: 36mm Ti Turnbuckle
ZC-207: Plastic ball cups
ZC-206SH: Bolts for shock mounting

Now to start to rebuilding the BDM!

The Re-Build Process:
Blue Bird .08 second servo

Mismatched king pins. Replaced with lightweight version.

Solid rear axle

Continued on next page…

103T 64P Spur gear, Center one way, and Rear graphite brace

BD5 Pro Dampers

Steering Angle

Completed Chassis

Thanks for checking out the build
By Murdock, PR Manager


    • No, those kits do not include motor, electronic speed controller, battery, servo or transmitter and receiver.  All those items are extra.  Look for a kit that is RTR (Ready to Run) if you want the full package.

  1. thank for the reply…if i buy the DriftPackage DRB HYPER SSG SPECIAL those it have motor,ESC,battery,battery charger,servo,transmitter and receiver?

    •  Nope, all “KITS” do not contain motor, esc, battery, charger, servo, transmitter or receiver
      Only RTR comes with everything you need… which sometimes does not include charger or battery… really depends on the package

  2. can the stock tt-01D coppermix silvia is good in drifting??because am planning to buy one?can u help me?

    •  The TT-01D chassis is a good beginner chassis, it is has its limitations.  It is one of Tamiya’s longest running chassis, so parts availability is high, and price is cheap.  It can be a good place to start if cost is a concern.  It is capable as a drifter tho.

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