D-Like Counter Pulley Set

Everyone has seen D-like videos, for many it was the inspiration to get into RC Drifting. Now you can drift D-Like with their new counter pulley set for the D-Like Re-R CER. D-like is featuring two countersteer (CS) ratios available; 1.5 and 1.7 over drive. Included in the kit is a solid spool axle, center pulley and rear pulley; the 1.7 CS ratio kit includes an additional belt. These two kits are very limited so get them while they last.

D-Like Counter Pulley Set 1.5 (1.48) retails for ¥5300JPN

  • 36T Aluminum Rear Pulley
  • 20T Aluminum Center Pulley
  • Solid Axle Set

  • D-Like Counter Pulley Set 1.7 (1.66) retails for ¥8200JPN

  • 32T Aluminum Rear Pulley
  • 20T aluminum Center Pulley
  • Belt 471
  • Solid Axle Set

  • Source: D-Like Japan

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