D-Like DL100 Sound-Meister EVOL

The D-Like DL100 Sound Meister EVOL RC drift chassis has been officially announced for release mid to end of June 2013. This new chassis from D-Like is called the DL100 Sound Meister EVOL and comes complete with front one-way, CS configuration 1.6/1.8, large angle CVDs, adjustable dampers, real drift sounds, and a center layout drivetrain. The DL100 will be priced around $275 USD, which is quite reasonable for this RC drift chassis.
The sound provides another level of realism as you can see from the video posted below! Pre-orders have started now, this is a limited production run so order now! Our friends at Banzai Hobby are offering 15% off for all pre-orders!


  • Assembled Chassis
  • Front One Way included
  • Adjustable Oil Damper
  • Front & Rear Universal Shaft
  • Large angle, counter steer capable
  • Adjustable Turnbuckle
  • 2 types (1:1.6 & 1:1.8 ratio) of Pulley and Belt are included.
  • Center Layout Drive Belt
  • Front & Rear Belt is located on the center of the chassis. When accelerate on / off, there are no different movement between left and right side of chassis, it is stable and controllable. Can be used with beginner to expert!

DLike DL100 Sound Miester EVOL RC Drift Chassis - DriftMission (2)
Source: D-Like

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