Dimension RC 3D SR20DET 1/10 Scale Engine Bay Review

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Strong lexan”]
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Wow! These are the most detailed 1/10 scale engine bays we have ever seen available for purchase. The team at Dimension RC has spent countless hours professionally forming the engines to perfection. They are 3D printed by a high quality printer and are available now from Dimension RC eBay store along with some other great option parts for your body or scale RC drift garage.

Overall Quality

These are by far the best looking and most detailed engine bays we have ever seen!

As expected when we first saw these pictures we knew this had to be reviewed to see if it was too good to be true. Every time I look at this 3D engine bay it reminds me how fake some of my other ones look in comparison. This is the real deal, and by far the best 3D engine bay we have seen. We have come along way from the early days in the world of 3D printing. As you can see from the photos below the quality and attention to detail is truly amazing and can’t be beat. They are currently available in 3 different models, the SR20DET, 4A-GE, 2JZ.

Product Review

The engines and engine bays come unpainted or painted and uncut and is professionally formed from 1mm polycarbonate. The overall size of the tray is 19.5cm x 15cm, the inside engine bay area size is 14.5cm x 10cm, these trays can be spray painted with normal RC Polycarbonate spray paint, the trays are very strong and provide added strength to your body once the bonnet/hood has been removed, they can be hot glued to the inside of your body shell. We were lucky and ours arrived pre-painted, which was a huge time saver and no need to worry about getting more paint! At under $35 USD there is no reason not to go with the 3D engine bay from Dimension RC.

Overall Value

As mentioned above these are available painted for under $35 USD, most lexan style engine bays cost anywhere from $25-35 for pre-painted versions. This is a great value considering the benefits of having a much more scale detailed look to your engine bay. I know going forward when I decide to do a bay I will be looking to Dimension RC for another beautiful 1/10 Scale 3D Engine Bay.


If you have been thinking about adding that next level of detail to your RC Drift body, consider adding a 3D Dimension RC Engine Bay! As you can see from the photos below the photo speaks for itself. Hands down 3D engine bays are the way to go, and you have the option to take it even further by adding extra details like wires, caps, etc…

These truly are the most detailed scale looking engine bays available on the market today.

DriftMission HPI Racing Rocket Bunny S14 Boss V2 - SR20DET - RC Drift (8)
DriftMission HPI Racing Rocket Bunny S14 Boss V2 - SR20DET - RC Drift (18)
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