DIY RC Clip Pull Tabs

So I’ve been out of the game for a while but one thing that stuck with me was bleeding fingernails and fingertips from removing body clips. I used to make these years ago when I got sick of the pain and struggle.
Figured I’d make a little DIY tutorial – for those who haven’t seen or done it themselves. (I’m sure there are a few How To’s of this method already – but – I browsed this section and couldn’t find one.)
It’s a very simple, cheap and easy method. I used items I had lying around the house, so it really didn’t cost me anything!


  • Zip-Ties
  • Tubing
  • Body Clips
  • Tools: Side Cutters

[Image: IMG_3572.jpg]

Let’s get started!

Cut your tubing to the desired length;
Note: Fuel tubing from your LHS will work great here. I used some left over breather hose from my fish tank.

[Image: IMG_3574.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3575.jpg]

Zip-Ties around the Body Clips – Pretty self explanatory;

[Image: IMG_3577.jpg]

Slip the Tubing onto the Zip-Tie;

[Image: IMG_3578.jpg]

Cut off a few Zip-Tie ends;

[Image: IMG_3576.jpg]

Put those ends onto the Zip-Ties to hold the tubing on;

[Image: IMG_3579.jpg]

Trim the Zip-Tie and you’re done!

[Image: IMG_3580.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3581.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3582.jpg]

Use different coloured Zip-Ties and Tubing to match your chassis/shell!
Hope this helps a few newbies.
Big thanks to ryuuk!
Source: DriftMission Forums

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