DIY RC Drift Clipping Points

What’s up guys, today I’m going to tell you how to make your own drifting hanging clipping points. You might not have one where you live but i got all the necessary tools at my local Home Depot.
Things you’ll need:

  • hacksaw ( I bought one for $4 with everything else)
  • at least 20 feet of 1/2 inch PVC tubing (if your only making 4). Like $6 for all 20 ft
  • (12) 90° 1/2in. PVC tubing connectors
  • (4) t shaped 1/2in. PVC tubing connectors
  • three different colored ribbons or string to use for easy scoring.

Here is a drawing that i used for doing the measurements for the piping.
measurements for pipes
We will be using a weight to keep the back of the posts up because they are front heavy as you can tell by the picture below.
and yes i know there are no strings or rope yet.
There are many different ways you can make these and they are a fun challenge and a great way to keep a score at your drift events. There is no standard for how to count the points so go crazy.
All in all these for clipping points only cost me a mere 13 dollars:) Let me see what you guys have come up with. I’ll also post pictures of them in action later this weekend. ENJOY!!
Here’s one of my drift cars for a quick comparison to the scale of these.

Big thanks to DriftMission Forum member united. for sharing this awesome DIY!
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