DIY Trueno Coupe Fliplights

Here a little photo tutorial were you could see how to make that cool looking fliplights for your car. I just only hobby when its dark outside.. Photos are a bit dark
More photos then words.. . questions? Just ask..
Cutting out the lexan parts:

Just bending the rod which gonna flip the lights, in the middle comes the other bar attached to the micro-servo.
Tip: Put some tube over the rods before bending. lol.


Attached with tape to check:

Making from styrene sheet the buckets:

The HPI Trueno comes also with a lexan piece with buckets. I cut the glass out for the LED.

So you could see at the pic above i cutted the frame out with a knife but i was not satisfied and make a
cad drawing of it and cutted it out with a waterjet. (CNC)

Painted the buckets with Tamiya TS paint.

Here with the glasses.

Painting the glasses Silver with Revell emaill paint.

Attaching the rod.

[Image: IMG_4148.jpg]

Fixed with hotglue.

[Image: IMG_4149.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4151.jpg]

Making a rod to move the lights.

[Image: IMG_4293.jpg]

Attaching the buckets: (the rod to the servo is just to long, the micro-servo comes to the shock-towers)

[Image: IMG_4290.jpg]


[Image: IMG_4294.jpg]

Here is the rod shorter.

[Image: IMG_4296.jpg]

Final pic:

[Image: IMG_4301.jpg]

Check on my FB page the result with a video:

Its a big job to fix everything on each other so that it closes smooth.
But when its done its look awesome..

Good luck!

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