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Suspension performance has a very important role in a good RC Drift setup. The essential parts of a good suspension set-up is the damper position, damper fluid and springs. The perfect combination will change the handling and performance of your chassis.
DMC Super Soft Shock Oil is one of the latest home-brew creations to hit the market. This damper fluid has been specially formulated to create a softer more responsive performance from your dampers. This is a very light damper fluid, definitely one of the lightest we have ever used. We have a bottle of X-ray 10W shock oil contrast of the two shows DMC is thinner than that. This fluid is formulated by a 1:1 motorsports suspension mechanic with a big passion for RC Drift. For experienced RC Drifters, this may be something you want to try for yourself.

Overall Quality

The super soft shock oil is a secret formula by DMC. All we know is that it is a mixture of suspension fluids at an optimum blend. The low viscosity fluid is lighter than many in the market. Without any detailed chemical analysis, it is difficult to quantify the quality of this product, but we have been extremely happy with the performance so far.
DMC recommends using this with a 2 hole damper piston with very soft springs. When sealing these dampers, you will need to ensure that you get half rebound. This means that once sealed, compression of the damper will only rebound half the piston (without springs). It will also help with very soft springs, otherwise you will not be able to utilize the full responsiveness from the dampers. We suggest using ultra soft springs or very soft progressive springs to allow for a better dampening rates. With dampers that are this soft, springs will be even more important while tuning your chassis. This type of a fluid is more suitable for the tuning enthusiasts!

Product Review

So far we have converted two DM staff chassis’ with this fluid. The most noticeable difference from conventional silicon oil is the rate in which the bubbles come out of the fluid, no more than 5 minutes of waiting before all the bubbles were out (we did leave the a set of damper for half a day just to make the air was clear from behind the piston).
DMC RC Drift Super Soft Shock Oil (2)
After several battery runs on 2 different tracks (tight basement drift track and big warehouse drift track), we have been extremely impressed with the performance. Tuning between tracks is extremely minimal, the only real change I made was changing the pinion for appropriate speed and spring pre-load for ride height. All other changes were left without any adjustment, the car performed very consistently between the two tracks.

Overall Value

DMC Super soft shock oil comes in 20ml bottles at a price of €6.50 (approximately $8.50USD). Which is competitively priced to silicon oils on the market. We have rebuilt 2 sets of Yokomo high capacity dampers with this bottle of damper fluid is will likely be able to do another 2 to 3 sets before the need to order more. The soft responsiveness of the dampers is very apparent once mounted with the correct springs. This adds another level of tuning to our chassis that we find very exciting and invaluable.


After the successful implementation into two of our Yokomo chassis, we will start implementing this damper fluid into the remainder of our chassis when damper maintenance is due. The DMC drift shock oil yields greater level of damper tuning to the chassis. Weight shifts are easier to manage and also more evident when driving. This has put more fun and challenges into driving and tuning our chassis!
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