Drift Stage D-Like Silver RE-R Conversion Kit

Drift Stage D-Like has just released a Special Christmas version of RE-R Conversion Kit for the Yokomo Drift Package. This conversion kit is not new on the market, it has been around since the beginning of the year. Blue was the first and only color during its first release. This new version features a new SILVER aluminum alloy parts. If you want to Drift Stage D-Like, and you already own a Yokomo Drift Package, then this kit is for you!

The D-Like RE-R conversion kit transforms a shaft driven Yokomo Drift Package into a high performance belt driven chassis, the RE-R is known as the Weight-Shift-Meister. This is because of its high rigidity chassis that allows for better weight shifting of the car to provide you with a sense of realism and control. D-Like also participates in 1:1 D1 drifting events, so they are experienced in drifting, it is what they do. Their emphasis has always been on making the 1:10 scale car look, sound and feel as real as possible. D-Like is still one of the only groups that still uses brushed motors due to the great acoustics it provides. You can read more about the RE-R chassis here in one of our previous posts.

Source: Drift Stage D-Like

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