Drift Stage D-Like Toyota FT-86 II Concept

Without a doubt the Toyota AE86 is one of the most well recognized drift cars in the world, an icon of its era. The FT-86 II Concept version of the car was first unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Designed by Toyota European Design and Development centre, the FT stands for “Future Toyota”. The 1:1 car has finally been put into production and is schedule for release in 2012. Following that announcement, D-Like has created the 190mm 1:10 scale replica body for RC Drift. Available soon, so pay attention!

When you think a Toyota AE86, Initial-D usually comes to mind with the Fujiwara Tofu Car. This new 86 embodies the soul of the original predecessor, but not any of its aesthetic queues. If Takumi was driving this car, then he would have been sure to get more attention from his competitors and the ladies. Toyota did a very good job designing this car and we look forward to seeing it roam the streets.

D-like has been very successful with their RC Drift body productions lately. Their bodies seems to be sold out everywhere, so better place a pre-order with D-like if you want this one. The 190mm FT-86 RC body features very good detailing to reflect the real car. Check out the detail on the front bumper, side panel vents, and the rear bumper. This new body looks great! The FT86 will be a clear polycarbonate body so that we may all individualize it to our style. We anticipate that the body will be similar their previous bodies where the front or rear bumper comes as a separate piece that will need to be affix to the RC body after painting.

D-Like bodies have been highly demanded by many and are always limited production. If you want one, its best to pre-order one now from your favorite RC Drift retailers.
Here is a video of the FT-86 in action

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