Weld Overdose Work Emotion CR Wheel Review


Work Emotion CR Kiwami Wheels are iconic with many car enthusiasts worldwide. Weld Overdose has brought these wheels down to 1:10 size for all your Drift RC needs. These wheels are made to look like the real thing, all the way down to the engraved work emotion logo on the wheels themselves. Personally I have been a big fan of these wheels on any 1:1 JDM car, so when these came out for 1:10 RC Drift cars, I had to get a set for myself! These wheels were purchased directly from Vertex-RC, Vertex is an authorized distributor for Overdose parts. My experience buying from Vertex has been very good, I cannot say enough about their great customer service and EMS delivery time. Now…. onto the product!

Overall Quality

I ordered a set of chrome OD Works Emotion CR Kiwami wheels (5mm offset) online from Vertex-RC. The chrome color is more of a polished silver color rather than a mirror chrome; these wheels are also available in shiny chrome, which is similar to mirror chrome. Each wheel is very consistent in color, shape and detail. The quality of the wheels are very good, the material used feels very strong and durable. Aesthetically, Overdose did a very good job replicating the Work Emotion CR wheels down to 1:10 scale. Even the Works logo on the inside of the wheels are very detailed. They could easily be mistaken for real ones! Extra 1mm spacers are included with the wheels for better offset matching to your Drift RC bodies.

Product Review

These wheels were mounted on my HB Cyclone S with some R2 T-drift clone threaded drift RC tires. The wheels instantly added another dimension of scale to the RC drift car. The wheels mount on like many traditional RC car wheels, the six sided hex pattern will bolt on to any 1:10 scale radio control car. After running for 4 battery cycles, the wheels are still in very good shape. The chrome finish held up to some abuse while running into walls or up against another drift car.

Overall Value

These wheels were purchased online from Vertex RC at a cost of 998¥ per pair. These wheels are slightly more expensive compared to the HPI Works XSA wheels 660¥, but the quality of the finish and wheel itself is well worth the added expense. These Overdose Work wheels really add another level of realism to any drift RC car. They are worth the added cost for some added style and scale. Wheels are inevitably a part of car culture, so it will also exist in the RC drift culture.


These wheels are a very good representation of the direction that Drift RC is evolving to. These Overdose Work wheels add another level of scale detail to any drift RC car. The finish of the wheel is very good, unlike any other I have experience before; better than that of Yokomo or HPI. These wheels cost more than what you are normally accustomed to paying, but you get what you pay for. I would recommend these wheels for any Drift RC enthusiast, they are well worth it!

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