DriftMission.com Vertex Advan Racing RG-D Wheel Review


Advan Racing RG-D wheels first launched in the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon, equipped on a T&E Vertex tuned Nissan Silvia S15. These 1:1 street version 6 spoke wheels are designed to curve back sharply to achieve larger brake caliper clearance. Each rim also features a raised ADVAN Racing logo between the spokes and the rim area. Made to fit on most Japanese cars, T&E Vertex has brought it down to 1:10 scale for RC Drifters everywhere.
The Vertex RC Advan Racing RG-D wheels are made to reflect the real thing, all the way down to the engraved Advan Racing Logo on the wheels themselves. The attention to detail is superb, T&E Vertex has done a very good job replicating these wheels in 1:10 scale for Drift RC enthusiasts everywhere and available in hyper silver, matte black or plain white. These wheels were purchased directly from Vertex-RC, along with a a Vertex Edge S15 Drift body. Buying experience with Vertex-RC was a very pleasant one, the customer service was excellent and the shipping was prompt. The 1:10 Vertex Edge S15 Drift body review will come later. Now the review of the RG-D wheels.

Overall Quality

I purchased a set of Advan Racing Hyper Silver RG-D wheels (5mm offset) online from Vertex-RC. The hyper silver finish was very impressive, very similar to a matte silver type color. The sidewall of the wheels between the spokes and the rim has a raised Advan Racing logo. Even at 1:10 scale, the logo is very evident and adds to the scale detail of any RC car it is mounted on. The quality of the wheels are very good, the material used feels very strong and durable. Aesthetically, the Advan Racing RG-D wheels are very impressive, the color and details are better than the average wheels you find online. Overall the quality is excellent, T&E Vertex RC has done a very good job with these wheels.

Product Review

These wheels were mounted on my Eagle Racing GRT (VDF style chassis) with some R2 T-drift clone threaded tires. These wheels look very good mounted on a chassis, both standing still and in motion. After running several battery cycles, the wheels are still in very good shape. The finish held up very well even through some abuse. I did have a small incident that did chip off a small part of the finish, but that was largely due to driver error rather than product quality.

Overall Value

These wheels were purchased online from Vertex RC at a cost of 949¥ per pair. These wheels are slightly more expensive compared to the HPI Works XSA wheels at approximately 660¥, but the quality of the finish and wheel itself is well worth the added expense. The quality of Vertex-RC wheels rival that of Overdose wheels. They are worth the added cost for some added style and scale. Wheels are like shoes, they are a reflection of the owners style, so you decide.


Judging from the recent release of the OD Work CR Kai and now the Advan Racing RG-D, these wheels are a very good representation of the direction that Drift RC is evolving to. These Vertex Advan Racing RG-D add another level of scale detail to any drift RC car.

The finish of the wheel is excellent, unlike any other I have experienced before; better than that of Tamiya or HPI.

These wheels cost more than what you are normally accustomed to paying, but you get what you pay for. I would recommend these wheels for any Drift RC enthusiast, they are well worth it!

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  1. Is there an ebay store for these wheels. I could not understand the Vertex R/C web-site, and Google translate did not help much either. But they look like great wheels.

  2. Where do I get these ???? Would look great on my new s2000 body. What offsets are they going to be available in and also what hex measurement are they ?

  3. Is there an ebay store for these wheels. I could not understand the Vertex R/C web-site, and Google translate did not help much either. But they look like great wheels.

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