Eagle Racing Aluminum Camber Gauge Review


A camber gauge is very useful for making small camber adjustments on your RC Drift chassis. A setup station can be more accurate, but is troublesome for making small changes. Eagle Racing recently released an aluminium camber gauge for quick and easy measurements. The new camber gauge has a measuring range of plus and minus 10 degrees of camber angle. There is also a lock-nut attached and a extra scale for measuring height. Availble in an assortment of colours, blue, light blue, purple, red and black. This tool makes for easy camber measurements. If 10 degrees isn’t enough for your setup Eagle Racing does have available 2 other options: 18 Degree or 22 Degree.

Overall Quality

The Eagle Racing camber gauge is made of aluminium and is constructed very well. The locking nut is a good feature for matching camber angles on different wheels. An extra metric measurement scale on the side allows for small measurements of height or length.
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Product Review

The camber gauge is very easy to use and well constructed. The lock-nut is a nice feature for keeping a constant angle when measuring and matching angle. Quality of aluminium is good, very rigid and durable. Makes measuring camber angles easy, no more eye-ball approximations.
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Overall Value

The Eagle Racing aluminium camber gauge was purchased from Broadtech for approximately $7.00USD. The camber gauge is aluminium alloy material so it will be durable and reliable. It is easy to use and is useful to have in the RC tool box for small camber angle changes.
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A camber angle gauge is a good tool to have in the RC toolbox. We have made several D.I.Y. (Do-it-yourself) camber gauges in the past with good success, the most important part is the material you use for it. You will also have to calibrate the angles properly to ensure an accurate measurement scale. Making one yourself is cheap and not that difficult. But for less than $10USD, you can get a nice aluminium camber gauge from Eagle Racing. It is durable, easy to use and worth checking out 🙂

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