Eagle Racing Countersteer Gears for Tamiya TT-01 Chassis

Time for TT01 owners to rejoice, Eagle Racing has finally released a countersteer CS gears set for the Tamiya TT-01 chassis. Active Hobby was the first, now Eagle Racing the second company to start producing these CS gears. In the past when Active Hobby gears ran out, you had to sit patiently and wait for the next production run of those gears. Luckily now there is the Eagle Racing alternative. These new CS gears will provide a ratio of 1:1.44 (44% more rear drive than the front), just enough to get started into countersteer drifting.

***EDIT: This set of TT-01 Gears is designed for the Eagle Racing TT-01 Front motor conversion chassis.*** (Read below discussion for more information)

This gear set is great for any beginner looking to start their path down the countersteer modified drifters category. Check it out today.

The Eagle Racing TT-01 1.44 Countersteer Gears include:
20T and 36T bevel gear
Solid axle/Rear spool axle
New rear propeller shaft

Source: Eagle Racing