Eagle Racing Option Parts for TA-06

Eagle Racing Japan has announced a few new option parts for the new Tamiya TA-06 chassis. Eagle products are high quality and economical alternative to the genuine Tamiya Hop-up parts. The new parts are aluminum alloy and anodized blue to match the Tamiya blue color scheme. The new option components are adjustable alloy dampers, IFS shock linkages and new steering crank linkage. All the parts come ready for the standard TA-06 setup, but the new steering linkage has some merit for countersteer drifting modifications.

Alloy IFS Shock Linkage

New front linkage to enhance suspension response and performance. The new alloy part will add stiffness to the shocks so that they react better than the original plastic pieces.
Alloy Adjustable Dampers

New alloy adjustable dampers for better performance. 3 sets of springs and damper sleeves are included with the package. Would make a good set of spares.
Alloy Steering Linkage

New alloy steering linkage will enhance performance and style.
Source: Eagle Racing Japan