Eagle Racing R31 GRT Side Mount Chassis Set

Eagle Racing R31 GRT Side Mount Chassis (1)

Eagle Racing R31 GRT Side Mount Chassis (1)Eagle Racing has just released a new GRT Side Mount Chassis upgrade package for R31 bases chassis. The new GRT “Side Mount” refers to lateral positioned battery position. Originally only available for longitudinal battery layout, with this new kit it will be capable of lateral battery position. Now R31 owners have more options when it comes to battery placement. The new R31 GRT conversion kit will be compatible with the Street Jam OTA-R31 or the TEH-R31 chassis. The new R31 GRT chassis conversion will add better styling and rigidity to the existing chassis. Eagle continues to expand their ever growing GRT line-up, pretty soon there will be a GRT equivalent for every chassis.

The new GRT main chassis plate is stiffer for better drifting performance. This would be especially good upgrade for any TEH-R31 owner that has not already upgraded their chassis to the Fijon and R2 equivalent packages. The new R31 GRT side mount chassis utilizes a new cut-outs from the original R31 GRT chassis. It also utilizes the battery mounts from the GRT TA-05 chassis. All of these parts are available separately so no need to upgrade the entire package if you already have compatible Eagle Racing parts.
Eagle Racing R31 GRT Side Mount Chassis (2)
Eagle Racing R31 GRT Side Mount Chassis Set

  • Part Number: R31-16SM-GO or R31-16SM-LBL
  • New 2.5mm graphite GRT main chassis for lateral battery position
  • Altered roll characteristics due to change in battery position
  • Multiple lateral mounting positions
  • Graphite GRT battery top plate for stability and rigidity
  • Graphite GRT damper stays
  • Includes hex screws for fastening
  • Graphite battery holder

Approximate MSRP: ¥9280JPY
Source: Eagle Racing

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