Eagle Racing R31 High Angle Universal Shafts

Eagle has released new high angle CVD or universal shafts for the Street Jam OTA-R31, TEH-R31 chassis and similar based chassis. This is essential equipment for countersteer CS modified drifters seeking larger steering angles for their R31 based chassis. The new Eagle Racing TSD universal shafts are capable of more than 55 degrees of steering angle and come in 48.5mm and 51mm to suit your tuning needs.

The new Eagle Racing R31 TSD 48.5mm and 51mm universal shafts are designed with a larger diameter drive cup to facilitate 55 degrees of steering angle. Made of durable high strength materials to stand up to high steering angle abuse. These Eagle Racing universal shafts are a necessary upgrade for the TEH-R31, because the stock CVDs are weak and prone to breaking. It is worth the upgrade for greater angle, and they are relatively inexpensive at an approximately MSRP of ¥1500JPY.

Source: Eagle Racing

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