Eagle Racing R31 Spur Gear Cover

Eagle R31 Spur Gear cover (1)

Eagle R31 Spur Gear cover (1)New product to the Eagle Racing R31 line-up is an aluminium Spur Gear cover for the original R31 and Eagle GRT R31 chassis. These new spur gear cover provides even tightness for smooth drive-train operation. The spur gear cover coupled with the spur gear adapter will provide a more secure spur gear for more stable spur gear rotation. This may look like just additional “dress-up” for those aluminum junkies but does provide a small performance benefit as well. R31 owners, check it out today!

Eagle R31 Spur Gear cover (2)
Eagle Racing R31 GRT Spur Gear Cover

  • Part No: R31-30-LBL and R31-30-GO
  • High speed rotational stability
  • Evenly tighten onto spur adapter
  • Made of aluminum
  • Fits Original R31 and Eagle GRT R31
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥680JPY
    Source: Eagle Racing Japan

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