Eagle Racing Steering Upgrade

Eagle Racing Japan has released their latest option parts for their Eagle Racing TA-05 GRT drift chassis. The new front suspension arms have been modified to accommodate 50° of steering angle; high steering angle is only necessary for countersteer (CS) modifications. The upgrade will include new steering cranks that appeared to be lengthened and extended outwards, we suspect it is to ensure parallel and increased steering angle. Included are front alloy suspension arms that have been augmented to accommodate better damper positioning to prevent binding from the increase steering angle. This kit comes with everything you need to increase the steering angle in the Eagle Racing TA-05 GRT chassis; this kit is also compatible with the Tamiya VDF. The only noticeable problem with this kit is that it does not include high angle CVDs, so look to Active Hobby, Square or other 3rd party manufacturers for a suitable replacement. This is worth checking for anyone with a Tamiya VDF or TA-05 equivalent chassis.

Source: Eagle Racing Japan

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