Eagle Racing TA-05 GRT Conversion Kit

Eagle Racing Japan released a Drift conversion kit for the Tamiya TA-05 Version II. Tamiya TA-05 has been a popular chassis in the drift community. The already popular drift specific Tamiya VDF chassis is based on the TA-05, so it is only natural for 3rd party companies to make a mid-ship conversion for this chassis. Eagle is not the first to create this mid-ship conversion kit. There have been other popular brand such as RC Square Japan, Street Jam, Fijon and so on that already have the drift conversion kit. The principle of this kit is simple, shift the motor to a mid-ship position and evenly distribute the battery weight. This is an attempt to create a 50/50 weight distribution side to side, therefore providing a more consistent drift. This kit is dubbed the Eagle GRT conversion kit. Eagle has also created a selection of CS gears, alloy parts, and spare parts for the the GRT kit; some of the spare parts will also fit the TA-05. Check out the full post for more information on the conversion kit.
Eagle GRT Kit Contents:

  • CG top and bottom Chassis Plates
  • CG front and rear Damper Stays
  • CG front bumper holders
  • CG Battery Holder
  • Alloy Motor Mount
  • Alloy Steering Assembly
  • Alloy Battery Posts
  • Alloy Steering Knuckle Extenders
  • Alloy Tensioners
  • Alloy Servo Mounts and Antenna Holder
  • Alloy 18T Center Pulleys and Center Shaft
  • Alloy Spur Gear Adaptor with 128T 64P Spur Gear (Pinion not included)
  • Servo Steering Turnbuckle
  • Turnbuckles for L/R steering
  • Front and Rear Belts
  • Stiff Foam Front Bumper

    Source: Eagle Racing Japan

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