Eagle Racing TT02 GRT RWD Chassis

Eagle Racing has spend the last 14 months developing the new rear wheel drive version of the popular TT-02 chassis. Called the GRT RWD, this new chassis kit utilizes the TT-02 chassis as its base while incorporating the already successful in previous Eagle Racing RWD parts.
The motor position is based on the growing rear bias motor design in the market today, mounted higher in the rear mid section of the chassis with a longitudinal facing motor. The gear driven drivetrain is short and directly feeds power into the rear differential. The drive system has been designed to accommodate easy maintenance.
The servo is center mounted vertically in the front of the chassis where you would traditionally find the front differential. Combined with a sliding steering rack, which is designed to create a more direct steering feel and response. A large amount of time was spent developing the steering geometry in order to optimize the high steering angles.
This chassis was designed with weight balancing in mind, so Eagle has included 3 different sets of carbon battery mounts. The chassis has been designed to allow for 14 different mounting configurations in order to optimize weight balancing.

Eagle Racing TT02 GRT RWD Chassis

  • Front centered servo mount
  • Carbon main and upper chassis
  • Carbon front and rear damper stays
  • Aluminum rear gearbox
  • Aluminum front mounts
  • Aluminum front and rear knuckles
  • Aluminum upper and lower suspension mounts
  • Raised mid-rear motor position
  • Direct gear driven differential
  • Solid rear axle
  • 3 sets of carbon fiber battery mounts for 14 different battery configurations
  • Gyroscope included
  • Electronic not included in this kit

Approximate MSRP: ¥34,800JPY

Source: Eagle Racing

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