Eagle Racing Wheel Nuts

Eagle Racing now has locking wheel nuts for your RC drifting pleasure. These appear similar to the original Wrap-Up Next version with the serrated edges. There are now 3 options on the market for locking wheel nuts, be sure to look at the Zillion RC (Non Serrated) version. We suspect these may chew up your wheels like the Wrap-Up Next wheel nuts so be warned. No more wheels falling off mid-drift, bye bye embarassing moments where you wheels go in one direction and your car in another. These Eagle Racing wheel Nuts are anodized in five different colors for your matching pleasure. They come in Blue, Light Blue, Gun Metal, Purple, Red and have a MSRP of 980¥. These are available now from Eagle Racing or any authorized Eagle Racing retailer!

  • Light Blue – 3919-LBL
  • Blue – 3919-BL
  • Gun Metal – 3919-GU
  • Purple – 3919-PU
  • Red – 3919-RE

Source: Eagle Racing Japan

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