enRoute JXR V2 Silver-Black Edition

enRoute JXR V2 Silver-Black (1)

enRoute JXR V2 Silver-Black (1)The enRoute Co. has released their latest edition of their popular JXR Version 2 RC drift chassis, the JXR V2 Silver-Black Edition. The new Silver-Black edition refers to the Silver aluminium alloy and Black carbon graphite main chassis. The new silver-black edition is the inverse of the original JXR V2; black alloy with silver carbon graphite chassis. The new Silver-Black edition does not come as a full kit, it requires several parts in order to be a complete chassis. The details and specifications of this new chassis is listed in the full post.

Silver anodized chassis: Chassis: Aluminum parts for 1/10 drift here carbon black chassis, (right) (Black) Aluminum Motor Mount V2 will be equipped with a V2 type type, around the steering wheel.
The Main Features:

  • Key components are all 6061-T6 aluminium
  • Standard drive ratio 1:1.6 (Counter-steer)
  • Lateral battery or saddle pack compatibility
  • Large diameter front one-way
  • The chassis combines lightness and suppleness in the Black Carbon
  • Standard titanium screw

The JXR V2 Silver-Black Edition Includes:

  • V2 Aluminum motor mount
  • Front and rear shock tower
  • Aluminum front and rear suspension blocks
  • Aluminum high-angle steering wiper large rudder angle
  • Front and rear aluminum bulkheads(with Sasupin)
  • 37T front pulley
  • Aluminum center pulley 16T/21T
  • Large diameter pulley 30T aluminum rear
  • Front One-way large-diameter (included cups)
  • Aluminum rear belt tensioner
  • Aluminium Rear Rigid hub
  • Front bumper set
  • Battery pack holder
  • Full ball bearings
  • Pre-assembled

Approximate MSRP: ¥37800JPY
enRoute JXR V2 Silver-Black (2)
What you need to complete the chassis:
Chassis Parts

  • Suspension set JXR (JXR252)
  • Aluminium HEX hub (JXR220 x 2)
  • Turnbuckle (JXR249) 64 Titanium Turnbuckle M3x25mm (2pcs) front
  • the linkage rod 45mm (JXR299) need two sets of rear
  • Four aluminum oil damper (JXR246)
  • Super universal joint angle (JXR218)
  • For rear universal joint (JXR219)
  • 48P92T spur and pinion
  • Aluminum Servo Horn 7075 aluminum clamp-like pinion gear 25T
  • Wheels and Tires

**Electronics not included**
Source: enRoute Japan
Thanks to D-Expert for the tip.

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