Fijon Models OTA/TEH-R31 Upgrade Kit

The TEH-R31 chassis seems to gaining popularity in recent weeks, if you are unaware the TEH-R31 is a clone of the high demand Street Jam OTA-R31 chassis. The TEH-R31 has yet another carbon fiber upgrade kit available for it, this time from a company called Fijon Models; which originates in China. The Fijon Carbon Fiber Upgrade Kit is designed with “flames”, or to loosely resemble Weld Overdose parts. This new upgrade kit includes carbon fiber chassis plate, battery holder and damper stays. It also includes the battery stoppers, which we suspect is an alloy material. Fijon has put an interesting twist on improving the aesthetics of the upgrade kit for the TEH-R31 chassis. Continue to the post for more pictures of the Upgrade Kit.

Source: Fijon China

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