Front Motor Conversion Kit for R31 Chassis

Brought to you by the same people that created the original front motor conversion kit for the TA-05 based chassis. Rajimani has done it again, but this time for the OTA-R31 based chassis. This product is still in its developmental phases and not available for sale yet, just a proof of concept. This product has potential and worth checking out!

This product should be very similar to the first version of the front motor conversion kit. The cost of this conversion kit will not be cheap, but it is one of a kind. It is designed to relocate the motor to the very front of the chassis, similar to a Tamiya FF chassis. With the motor located at the front and the battery in a longitudinal position; the overall chassis weight is now even more forward than the previous conversion kit. The repositioning of weight should allow for more car control and increased drifting performance. The front bias weight balance may be more ideal for high countersteer (CS) ratio, due to the addition of more front grip and better rear slip. This may even allow our scale RC Drift cars to further imitate a real 1:1 drift car.

This conversion kit is still in the development phase, so the specifics are still unknown. Right now it is just a prototype so it may not even see production. This is one of the most innovative products in the RC Drift market! Remember to check back for more, we will post as we know more!
Source: Rajimani RC Shop