G-Force ESC TS-120A

If you haven’t already heard of G-Force it is probably because you don’t follow the buggy scene. G-Force are known for creating high quality equipment and continue to be tested and revised to make them the best. This 120A ESC from G-Force features the latest FET of infrastructure wiring, ultra-high efficiency and low-Ω using a heat sink.
The ESC was developed with the very best intention of drivers, and programs that tell you exactly how it is. The throttle feeling is polished. Brake control is smooth to allow delicate brake work.
Through the use of the separate PROGBOX, the G-FORCE LINK it can be finely tuned settings to suit your machine and track. This ESC has had a brilliant debut in the All Japan Championship electric buggy championships!

Product Specifications

maximum continuous current / maximum instantaneous current 120A/760A
available motor

sensor brushless motor and sensor -less motor
corresponding scale

1/10 Electric Car

1/12 Electric Car

available number of turns

NiMH (6.0V ~ 7.2V) or 2S LiPo (7.4V) 3.5T or more (1/10 Touring Car), 5.5T or more (1/10 Buggy)

NiMH (9.6V ~ 10.8V) or 3S LiPo (11.1V) 5.5T or more (1/10 Touring Car), 8.5T or more (1/10 Buggy)

resistance value

0.0003 Ω

correspondence battery

NiMH (4.8V ~ 10.8V) or 2-3S LiPo (7.4V ~ 11.1V)

BEC voltage and current value 6V @ 3A

39x38x20mm (LxWxH)


cooling FAN operating conditions 8V@0.2A, MAX 12.6V
throttle direction ” forward / brake “, ” forward / backward “, ” forward / brake / reverse ”

※ shipment state is set to the ” forward / brake ” .
There is a need to change the settings using PROGBOX sold separately (G0017) for you to change .

Source : GForce Hobby Japan

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