G-Force Fujin RC Drift Motor

If you haven’t already heard of G-Force it is probably because you don’t follow the buggy scene. G-Force are known for creating high quality equipment and continue to be tested and revised to make them the best. This Fujin RC Drift Motor from G-Force features BIG SOUND!, front mounted terminals, adjustable timing and more.
GForce presents the Fujin brushless motor for RC drift cars. Featuring an unconventional design with front mounted soldering terminals, the motor also features a high airflow can, internal fan unit and a special sound plate to recreate the sound of a turbo charged full-scale engine.
The rebuildable motor is available in 8.5T and 10.5T specification, features adjustable timing.
Note: It is designed to be placed on the shaft side of the terminal. There is the case that can not be mounted by the car model.

Source : GForce Hobby Japan

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