G-Force TS-160A Electronic Speed Controller

G-Force is back with the new TS-160A Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). The new ESC features a built in high voltage (HV) BEC which can support up to 7.4V @ 5A. With the evolution of the RC electronics industry to AMP up, this new ESC is striving to do just that.
The new ESC now provides more consistent power to the motor at a higher burst rate. The new design also reduces the overall footprint, however the built-in HV BEC and capacitors it has increased the overall height of the unit. The TS-160A ESC has been improved from the previous version with less electrical resistance with increased performance. Check out G-Force website for more information.
NOTE: Please be sure to check that the receiver servo is compatible to 7.4V.
This will retail for approximately ¥24,624 JPY.

Product Specifications

maximum continuous current / maximum instantaneous current 160A/920A
available motor

sensor brushless motor and sensor -less motor
corresponding scale

1/10 Electric Car

1/12 Electric Car

available number of turns

NiMH (6.0V ~ 7.2V) or 2S LiPo (7.4V) 3.5T or more (1/10 Touring Car), 5.5T or more (1/10 Buggy)

NiMH (9.6V ~ 10.8V) or 3S LiPo (11.1V) 5.5T or more (1/10 Touring Car), 8.5T or more (1/10 Buggy)

resistance value

0.00018 Ω

correspondence battery

NiMH (4.8V ~ 10.8V) or 2-3S LiPo (7.4V ~ 11.1V)

BEC voltage and current value 7.4V-6.0V @ 5A

30.6×35.6×22.5mm (LxWxH)


cooling FAN operating conditions 8V@0.2A, MAX 12.6V
throttle direction ” forward / brake “, ” forward / backward “, ” forward / brake / reverse ”

※ shipment state is set to the ” forward / brake ” .
There is a need to change the settings using PROGBOX sold separately (G0017) for you to change. WiFi link also sold separately using

Source : GForce Hobby Japan

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