RC Drift Countersteer Belts Guide

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Belt TeethBelt LengthCarWidth (mm)Part #
48144MST FS-01D3414144
49147MST FS-01D3414147
49147Tamiya VDFII Middle belt3
51153Eagle R31-FM Front belt33M-153
521563 Racing3FUJIN-83039
53159Eagle R31-FM Front belt33M-159
54162HPI A7305
56168Tamiya TA-04 rear3
57171Square TA-063sta-171
58174HPI Sprint 24
58174Tamiya TRF 416WE3
58174Tamiya TA-06354144
58174Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
59177Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
59177Square TA-063sta-177
59177Tamiya TRF 416X3
59177Tamiya TRF 4153
60180Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M180
60180Street Jam OTA-R31 (stock)3
60180Schumacher Mi2/34
60180Xray T1/T2/0073
61183Xray T2 008/009 EU3
62186Xray T2 008/009 US3
62186Robitronics Avid4
62186Corally RDX/PHI3
62186HB Cyclone S/Cyclone TC SE370739
62186Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
63189HB Cyclone TC Surikarn366494
63189Yokomo DRB Hyper Drive SSG Edition4
63189Yokomo BD4
63189Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
63189TOP Racing Photon3
64192AE TC54
66198Tamiya VDFII Front Belt3
67201Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M201
68204Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M204
69207Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M207
70210Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M210
70210Corally RDX/PHI3
70210Square TA-05 SP Conv Kit3
71213Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3m213
71213Square SDC-103F for SDC-102 Conv3
71213Tamiya TA-05 VDF3
71213Eagle Racing GRT3
71213Corally RDX/PHI3
71213HPI A7494
71213RC926 TC-D CS Belt3KN-KV4213
72216HB TC-D3
72216Square TA-05 SP Conv Kit3
73219Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M219
73219Hot Bodies TCFD3
73219Eagle Racing GRT3
73219Square VDF3
73219Eagle Racing GRT33M-219
73219D-LIKE CER Front Stock3
73219Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
74222Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M222
74222D-LIKE CER Front (38T/15T)3
74222Square VDF Front3SVD-174F
74222Kyosho TF53
74222Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
75225Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M225
75225MST CS Kit Front Belt3STS-225
75225Square VDF CS Kit3SVD-175F
75225D-LIKE CER Front (40T/15T)3
75225Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
76228Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M228
76228MST MS-01D Stock Front3
76228Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
78234Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M234
79237Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M237
80240Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M240
81243Yokomo DIB4DRB-243B1
81243Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M243
82246Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M246
83249Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M249
84252Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M252
85255Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M255
86258Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M258
94282TOP Racing Scythe3
111333Square TA-05 CS Kit3
113339Square STA-113 TA-05 CS belt3
113339Tamiya Aramid Blue353897
113339Tamiya Aramid Black353843
113339Tamiya TA-05 v1351210
113339Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
114342Square STA-114 TA-05 CS belt3
114342Tamiya IFS-R354045
114342Tamiya TA-05 v2354170
115345Square TA-05 CS Kit3
116348Tamiya TA-05 v23
116348HPI Micro RS4372314
122366HPI Micro RS4372316
123369Tamiya TRF501X/DB013
128384HB Tornado370053
130390Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M390
130390Top Racing Scythe3
130390Xray XR-3354415
133399Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M399
134402Tamiya VDFII Rear belt3
134402Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M402
135405Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M405
135405HPI R40 Center belt5
135405Eagle R31 GRT3R31-28-405
136408Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M408
137411Eagle R31 GRT3R31-28-411
139417Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
139417Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M417
140420Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M420
140420Eagle R31 GRT3R31-28-420
140420Street Jam OTA-R31 (stock)3
140420Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
141423Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
141423Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M423
142426Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M426
145432Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M432
146438Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M438
146438HPI A7444
148444Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M444
149447Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M447
1494473 Racing3FUJIN-83038
149447Square TA-063sta-447
149447Kyosho TF53
151453Tamiya TA-06351459
151453Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M453
153459Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M459
153459HPI A7354
153459HPI A7484
156468Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M468
156468Square TA-05 VDF belt3
156468HPI Sprint GTI (shorter than norm sprint belt)4
156468D-Like CER Rear (18T/32T)3
156468Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
157471Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
157471Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M471
157471D-Like CER Rear (20T/32T)3
157471Square VDF3SVD-157R
158474Square VDF rear3SVD-158R
158474Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
160480Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
160480Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M480
160480Yokomo DIB4DRB-480B1
160480D-Like RER Rear Stock3
160480Eagle Racing GRT3
161483Eagle Racing GRT3
161483Square TA-05 SP Conv Kit3
162486Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M486
162486Eagle Racing GRT3
162486MST MS-01D Stock Rear3STS-486
162486Square SDC-130R for SDC-102 Conv3
163489Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M489
163489RC926 TC-D CS belt3KN-KV4213
163489Square TA-05 SP Conv Kit3
163489Eagle Racing GRT3
164492Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M492
164492Eagle Racing GRT3
164492Square TA-05 SP Conv Kit3SDC-132R
165495Eagle Racing GRT3
166498Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M498
166498Eagle Racing GRT3
166498Tamiya TRF 4153
167501Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M401
167501Hot Bodies TCFD3
167501HPI A2414
167501HB TC-D3
169507Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M507
169507Xray T1/T2/0073
169507Xray T2 008/009 EU/US3
169507HPI Sprint 24
169507HB Cyclone S470738
170510HB Cyclone TC466493
170510Corally PHI3
171513Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M4513
171513Schumacher Mi2/33
171513HB TCX3
171513Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
172516Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
172516Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M516
172516Yokomo DRB 2.0 FCD Belt3
172516Yokomo BD4
172516Tamiya TRF 4163
172516AE TC54
173519Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M519
174522Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M522
175525Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
175525Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M525
178534Tetsujin S3M Belts330S3M534
178534Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
179537Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
180540HPI RS4 A2404
184552Yokomo DRB Hyper Drive SSG Edition4
184552Kazama Auto D-link Belts3
185555Robitronics Avid4
188564HPI A2445
188564Eagle R31-FM long belt33M-564
192597HPI A7284
215666MST FS-01D3414666

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