Pulley Guide

A list of some of the pulleys from many on-road touring car that can be used for CS. If you have anything to add to the list please contact us or leave a comment in the comments section below. Thank you!

81 Results Found

Pulley TeethCarTypePart #Width (mm)
11MST MS-01D ProGrub Screw Type5mm
12MST MS-01D ProGrub Screw Type5mm
13MST MS-01D ProGrub Screw Type5mm
13SquareGrub Screw TypeSGE-313BK4mm
13Speed Way PalGrub Screw TypePC0214mm
14Speed Way PalGrub Screw TypePC0194mm
14D-LikeCenter One way4mm
14Eagle Racing TA-05Center One Way4mm
15Eagle Racing TA-05Center One Way4mm
15Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
15SquareGrub Screw TypeSGE-315BK4mm
15Yokomo DRBGrub Screw Type4mm
15D-LikeGrub Screw Type4mm
16Eagle Racing TA-05Center One Way4mm
16Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
16Tamiya TA-05 v1Tamiya style512134mm
16Eagle Racing TA-05Center One Way4mm
16Tamiya TRF415Center One Way4mm
16Tamiya TRF415Grub Screw4mm
16HB Cyclone SGrub Screw Type610524mm
16HB Cyclone TCWide Center one-way4mm
17Eagle Racing TA-05Center One Way4mm
17Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
18Eagle Racing TA-05Center One Way4mm
18Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
18Tamiya TA-05 v2Tamiya style539894mm
18Square TA-05 CS KitTamiya style4mm
18HB Cyclone TCWide Center one-way4mm
18HB Cyclone TCGrub Screw Type664924mm
18MST MS-01D ProCenter Pin5mm
18D-LikeGrub Screw Type4mm
19Speed Way PalGrub Screw TypePC0224mm
19Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
20Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
20Speed Way PalGrub Screw TypePC0204mm
20D-LikeGrub Screw Type4mm
20HB TCXPin Type687064mm
20SquareGrub Screw TypeSGE-3204mm
20Square TA-05 CS KitTamiya style4mm
21Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
22Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
22Square TA-05 CS KitTamiya style4mm
22Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
23Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
24Eagle Racing TA-05Center Pin4mm
28Eagle Racing GRT (spool)
29Eagle Racing GRT (spool)
30Eagle Racing GRT (spool)
30Square TA-05 VDF CS Kit (spool)SCD-330
30Square TA-05 CS Kit
31Eagle Racing GRT (spool)
32HPI Sprint 2 ball diff pulley85063
32Tamiya TRF414 (ball and one-way)
32Tamiya TA-04 (ball & one-way)
32Square Alloy 32TSTA-332
33Eagle Racing GRT (spool)
34X-ray T2 (ball)XRA305052
35Eagle Racing GRT (spool, ball, FOW)
35Tamiya TRF415 (ball & one-way)
36Tamiya TA-05 v151212
36Eagle Racing GRT (spool, ball, FOW)
36MST MS-01D stock Kit (one-way)
36MST MS-01D stock Kit (Spool)
37Tamiya TA-05 v253988
37Eagle Racing GRT (spool, ball, FOW)
38Eagle Racing GRT (spool, ball, FOW)
39Eagle Racing GRT (spool, ball, FOW)
39Square Alum 39T (one-way)STA-399BK
39HB Cyclone TC (one-way)61051
39HB Cyclone TC (ball)67721
39HB TCX (ball)61050
39HB TCX (one-way)61051
40MST MS-01D CS Kit (one-way)
40Square TA-05 VDF CS Kit (one-way)STA-102
40Square TA-05 VDF CS Kit (ball)STA-240
40Square TA-05 CS Kit
40Square Alum 40T (ball/spool)STA-340BK
40Eagle Racing GRT (spool, ball, FOW)
40D-Like RE-R Alloy FOW