Pulley Guide

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  • Tizer

    July 13, 2011 #1 Author

    Yokomo DRB uses grub screw type centerpulley’s with 15t, TRF415 has 16t and the TRF414 also has 15t.

    Then for diff pulley’s the Tamiya TRF414 and TA04 use 32t balldiff and oneway pulleys, the TRF415 had 35 and 36t ball and oneway pulley’s, and the Yokomo DRB/BD5 uses 40t ball and oneway pulleys.¬†

    The TA04 has a hopup center oneway pulley (15t also) that is the size of a grubscrew type centerpulley instead of the narrower ones used on for example a TA05 or TRF. The HB Cyclone TC also has hopup center oneways in the wider size. They have it in 16t and 18t.


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