Gears Guide for Yokomo MR4TC-SD/Drift Package

D-Like CS Kit – Aluminum Gears

DL-029 – Version 1 – Front One-way and Spool
40T Ring/10T Bevel
4/2.353 = 1.69 Underdrive ratio

DL-034 – Version 2 – Front One-way and Spool
40T Ring/11T Bevel
3.63/2.353 = 1.54 Underdrive ratio

DL-035 – Version 3 – Front One-way and Spool
40T Ring/12T Bevel
3.33/2.353 = 1.41 Underdrive ratio

Active Hobby Kits – Plastic Delrine Gears

STR-066 – Stage 1 – Rear gear for Ball Diff
36T Ring/20T Bevel
2.353/1.8 = 1.30 Overdrive ratio

STR-066 – Stage 1S – Rear gear for Spool only
36T Ring/20T Bevel
2.353/1.8 = 1.30 Overdrive ratio

STR-067 – Stage 2 – Front One-way and Spool
43T Ring/13T Bevel
3.30/2.353 = 1.40 Underdrive ratio

Stage 1 + Stage 2 = 1.83 CS Ratio!

Yokomo CS Kits – Aluminum Gears

D-088 – Rear 1.3 FCD with Spool Axle
30T Ring/17T Bevel
2.353/1.77 = 1.33 Overdrive ratio

D-048 – Rear 1.5 FCD with Spool Axle
27T Ring/17T Bevel
2.353/1.58 = 1.49 Overdrive ratio

D-089 – Rear 1.8 FCD with Solid Axle
22T Ring/17T Bevel
2.353/1.29 = 1.82 Overdrive ratio

D-051 – Rear 2.0 FCD With Solid Axle
20T Ring/17T Bevel
2.353/1.17 = 2.01 Overdrive ratio


  1. Hey I heard that the gears in a Yokomo MR4TC may be used in my associated TC3 gear box with little to no modifications. Is this true? and if so where can I get these gears and which part numbers do you suggest?

    • Not 100% sure, we have never had any experience with it.  It might be likely, there was a time where Yokomo and Team Associated TC cars shared very similar designs.  Again, not 100% sure, you would have to be a guinea pig to test those gears….

  2. just brought yokomo 2.0 and it is a plastic diff.  you think it would be metal for the price (poor effort Yokomo)

  3. hi, im new to RC drifting, is the yokomo 2.0 FCD solid axle all i need to countersteer ? or do i need the gears too? or does it come together already? thanks.

    • Of course you can. For example in our MR4TC SD, we use Yokomo 1.5FCD with Kazama 40/10 (Stage 1 CS) combo for a total of 2.54 CS ratio…. just noticed that the kazama CS gears are not listed here… those will be added soon 🙂

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