Hot Bodies Countersteer Pulley & Belt Set

Finally the time has come, Hot Bodies has announced the Countersteer/Counterdori Pulley & Belt set for the HB TC-FD RC Drift Chassis. It was rumored that the CS kit would be included with the TC-FD, but this was not the case. It is good to see HB continuing to support the RC Drifting community, and offering options for countersteer. If you decide to get a set of these for yourself you will need to consider modifying your steering angle. We will be working to review this set as soon as possible, so stay tuned! This kit has a MSRP of $64 US Dollars.

Take drifting to the next level with this Counter Drive Pulley and Belt Set! Using this replacement rear drive pulley and belt, you can make the rear wheels spin much faster than the front, enabling you to break traction easily for quicker turn-in on all types of drift circuits. Get graceful, swooping drifts around turns and curves of any radius!
Supplied with a range of pulleys and a replacement rear drive belt.

#61788 Counter Drive Pulley & Belt Set EAN #4944258617886

HB Counter Drive Pulley Belt Set includes

  • 16T front center
  • 20T rear center
  • 32T rear diff pulley

Source: Hot Bodies