HB TC-FD Custom Modification by Drift Mission

HB TCFD Driftmission Mod (1)

HB TCFD Driftmission Mod (1)Drift Mission staff recently performed a custom modification for the Hot Bodies TC-FD chassis. We several upgrades to better improve the capability of the TC-FD chassis. We addressed several weak points with the TC-FD and aimed to improve on it. The modifications include steering, front suspension system and counter-steer CS mods. We feel that the overall potential of the chassis has been improved but there is still room for further improvements. This is the current status of the custom modification as it stands, more updates will come as we make changes. We are also doing a custom mod of the original Hot Bodies TC-D chassis, so stay tuned for more.
Hot Bodies TC-FD Custom Modification by Driftmission.com

Here is a previous of some of the modifications we performed, and the final look of the chassis.
HB TC-FD CS modificationHB TCFD R31 Front suspensionHB TCFD Steering V2 (2)
Source: Hot Bodies TC-FD Custom Modification by Driftmission.com