July 2013 Body of the Month Winner

Congratulations to eazy street! from our DriftMission.com forums for winning the July 2013 Body of The Month contest. This month was quite the run with some of the best entries we have seen to date!
This FC3S is gonna get the Yakuza and Krazy theme..The idea was to link this to KILLA FC as well. So under the drawing there will be an explosion of Krazy paint.. if it works out how I imagine it, then its gonna be KRAZY YAKUZA SAMURAI!
Was that worth 4 hrs of drawing???”
Full WIP thread on DriftMission Forums here.

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!!


  • eazy street – Krazy Yakuza Samurai FC3S – 68
  • DCFROMVT – Nissan 180SX – 64
  • zweig – Yokomo PS13 – 38
  • nismobao – Mine’s R34 GT-R N1 V-Spec – 19
  • bajaboy5b – Yokomo AE86 Levin – 14
  • chinamonkey7 – Wide Body Subaru BRZ – 12
  • teshi – Tamiya 911 GT3 – 9
  • patrick – Goodyear Zero Crown – 6
  • art2010 – Crazy 8ight – 6
  • ARCDrift – Toyota Trueno – 1

So i have decided to go with metallic purple instead of black, because I think he will be lost in the black. The Samurai is in chrome. Next stage is to DRAW on the top again with more black and a little colour to blend the background and foreground together. Exactly the same as what I did with the TIGER on the AOSHIMA!

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