Kazama Auto D-Link R31/Spidercks Alloy Suspension Arms

Kazama D-Link has re-released their new aluminum alloy suspension arms for the Kazama Spidercks chassis in 2 new colors. Since the Spidercks is based off the Street Jam OTA-R31 chassis, it will be compatible also. The Kazama D-link blog reports that it add necessary stiffness to the chassis, such that the dampers can perform to their maximum capacity. Get yours now before they’re gone! The last production run ran out quickly!

Many argue that aluminum suspension arms are unnecessary, all it does is add “bling bling”. D-link says not so! Damper performance can be enhanced with stiffer arms. Now the springs and dampers can work as they should. Another aspect to consider when tuning and upgrading your Drift RC chassis. These parts will be available soon, only time will tell whether this will be another focus for the scale drifters out there.



Source: Kazama D-Link

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