Kazama Auto Service Spidercks GP-X

Kazama Auto Japan is well known in the D1 Drift world. Now Kazama Auto and Street Jam has just released their new 1:10 scale electric drift chassis; called the Spidercks GP-X. The GP-X is based on the already popular Street Jam OTA-R31 chassis, but hopped up by Kazama Auto with some key hop-up parts. The Kazama version of the OTA-R31 will be completely silver carbon fiber chassis, upper deck, front and rear damper stays. Kazama has also leveled up the chassis with highly sought after aluminum hop-up parts. Most notably the bulkheads, motor mount, bumper brace and suspension blocks. The rest of the parts will made up of genuine Street Jam parts. This chassis will be a high performance chassis and the price tag will likely reflect its quality and performance. It is an alternative choice to the genuine Street Jam OTA-R3R chassis and definitely worth checking out.

Whats the difference between the GP-X and OTA-R31?

  1. The battery position has been switched from the longitudinal featured in the R31 to a lateral more commonly seen in current high end drift chassis.
  2. Tub chassis has been replaced with Kazama Silver Carbon Fiber.
  3. All bulkheads are replaced with Kazama Silver Aluminum .
  4. New 10 and 13 degrees castor hubs

Kazama Spidercks GP-X Summarized Parts List:

  • Kazama GP-X Silver Carbon Chassis
  • Kazama GP-X Silver Carbon Upper Deck
  • Kazama GP-X Silver Carbon Front Damper Stay
  • Kazama GP-X Silver Carbon Rear Damper Stay
  • Kazama GP-X Bumper Brace
  • Kazama GP-X Cooling Motor Mount
  • Kazama GP-X Front and Rear Bulkhead Assembly
  • Kazama GP-X Pulley Holder Supports
  • Kazama GP-X Suspension Mounts (0 deg front and 3 deg rear)
  • Kazama GP-X Antenna Post

  • Source: D Link (Kazama Radio Dori)
    Source: Kazama Auto Japan